For previous two days, many of the times, I was confined inside my Ghattekulo abode. Ghattekulo, in this April Uprising, has shown unprecedented revolutionary spirit. Around the 5 th day of general strike, I could no much more stay in the cocoon; so headed for workplace early at 6:30 just before the curfew could begin. Here's my Saturday and Sunday Diary.


At about 10am, I roamed around the vicinity. Deadly silence was ruling the streets. I peeked via Anamnagar Chowk, saw two policemen guarding the tower. Then, I retraced back to Ghattekulo chowk exactly where handful of armymen have been guarding.

You rely on FM news, your mobile is dead, and also you have nowhere to go. Life seemed like an open jail. But, exactly where there is a will, there's a way. I went to my ex-editor Sudheer's residence and discussed a lot of subjects like the ongoing agitation. Each of us concluded that the movement is catching up the pace however the parties possess a long method to go. Right after the delicious lunch of paratha and rajma, we separated. When I came back, my brother told me handful of policemen came towards the galli and shooed the people away. In the evening, I heard the chanting of slogans nearby. I came out from my cocoon. They have been the youngsters from the location. These men and women were in their infancy during 1990s movement that didn't yield anything to them. They burnt tires, chanted slogans plus a even though later, had been dispersed.

The day ended listening to the BBC.


In the morning, Ghattekulo was already agitated and tense. Inside the chowk, protesters had been pelting stones, burning tires. But, the crowd consisted of teenagers. Certainly one of them mentioned: "Now let's take a break for lunch."

I came back to my residence. All the shops were closed. Individuals, however, were watching the demos from their balcony.

In the afternoon, I together with my pal Binod, who had curfew pass, made rounds of Anamnagar, Thapagaun, and Baneshor chowk. At Anamnagar, some stranded passengers have been in search of assistance. A man coming from Gulf State was searching for some photo studio. We guided him. In Thapagaun, protesters have been throwing stones, burning tires. We, the journos, have been also practically hit by ruthless policemen. At Baneshor chowk, we met angry policemen. I wanted to go to office, but my pal opposed. Then, we walked along the empty road of Baneshor. From Babarmahal, we went straight to Maitidevi. At Maitidevi, the clashes had been in complete swing. iwc replica watch In the chowk, bricks had been scattered all over the road, the police beat was demolished. Safety males cast their anger towards us; we swiftly trod our way.

In the evening, the news of half an hour black out and torch rally was circulated. The local folks chanted slogans for a when. A while ago, police entered our area and fired rubber bullets, but nobody was injured. At Ghattekulo, Mr. Jiwan Bhattarai, a shopkeeper was injured inside the morning. Couple of protesters had been arrested. An army man (who denied shelter towards the protesters)'s property was broken.

Today evening at eight p.m iwc copy watches . best hublot replicas , iwc fake watches for sale I saw the biggest torch rally in long time. Countless men and women had been gathered at Ghattekulo chowk. Black out was observed successfully. Inside the dead evening, the crescent moon gave ample light for the impromptu protest system. Protesters with torch in their hands rallied towards Dillibazar. One could hardly recognize other, however they all were gathered for any lead to i.e. restoration of democracy.

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